Servizio di Interpretariato Ilaria Coviello

Servizio di Interpretariato Ilaria Coviello has used the services of Mariya Kameneva for over a year at various trade fairs. The standard of her work has been consistent and of exceptional quality. The requested interpretation has been very demanding, she has met the high standards of our clients on every occasion.

There has been consistent positive feedback from management and directors of our clients with reference to her performance, dress code, presentation standard and language proficiency. Mariya was able to grasp very quickly the nature of our clients business, their products and brand values. Due to her language combination her services were always highly demanded. Mariya has shown great team spirit and the capability to interpret in any given situation. The scope of work included legal terms and conditions, commercial contracts, proposals, company presentations and technical presentations.

Mariya Kameneva’s services are highly recommended for any company wanting to develop their German or Russian business potential.


Ilaria Coviello